C.L.U.E Home Sellers Disclosure Report 

The Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange C.L.U.E. report  provides insurance loss information about a given address to potential home buyers.  

More home buyers, concerned about possible previous insurance losses experienced at a property they are considering, are requiring home sellers to provide a C.L.U.E. report as a contingency to a purchase offer. 

A C.L.U.E. Home Sellers Disclosure Report is an independent source of information about insurance losses at your home address within the past five years. If your home has not experienced a loss within the past 5 years, the report can provide comfort to a potential buyer.  When there are no losses associated with a property the report would state that no losses were found for the address shown. 

Go to the attached link to order the C.L.U.E. Home Sellers Disclosure Report:




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