Having a Real Estate Brokers license issued in the State of Florida I am allowed to sell Residential property, vacant land,  businesses and Commercial real estate anywhere in Florida.  Because each of these areas is itself a specialization, I am presently focusing my efforts  primarily on Residential and vacant land including short sales, pre-foreclosures and bank Foreclosed owned property called REO's.  Having spent two years full time in Commercial Real estate with Prudential Atlantic Commercial Real Estate, I have the basic knowledge of doing Commercial transactions however,  it is completely different than Residential Real Estate.

Further, it is not practical for me to physically attempt to sell or buy property in cities more than 100 miles from the Jacksonville metropolitian market which is my primary farming area. 

In the event a person needs to sell or buy real estate in Tampa,  Cleveland, Atlanta, Seattle or anywhere in the United States, I can help them by finding an experienced agent through my National network of active Realtors and refer their name and information to a local broker in that particular city.   The prospect will be getting an agent that knows the local market, is experienced, working full time and capable of providing the best service available. The local agent appreciates the referral and is more than willing to work the referral to the best of his or her ability, since it is additional business they did not need to develop. 

Doing referrals is and has been a way of doing business in the real estate industry for many years and will continue to be a way of helping prospects buy or sell property anywhere in the United States.

If you or someone you know needs a good local real estate agent in a city other than Jacksonville, please provide me their name, address, telephone numbers and e-mail address, I will make all the arrangements to refer their name to a seasoned experienced agent in their particular city.  You can text me: 904-608-5681 or e-mail:    

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